Black Owl Outdoors

Black Owl Outdoors is the product of two brothers who have an intense passion for the outdoors and sharing it with others.  Equal parts outdoor gear reviews and bushcraft skills, Black Owl Outdoors aims to inform both the consumer and the naturalist in each one of us.  Anyone who has spent a substantial amount of time outdoors realizes there are two key components of truly enjoying the natural world; there is the gear and the knowledge/skills.  The gear aids in our ability to interact with the environment and the knowledge/skills allows us to do so safely with proper awareness.

Gear reviews range from backpacks to knives, to water filters and fire kits.  The outdoor products are thoroughly covered giving the consumer in us a more accurate picture of the item under consideration. Hopefully the gear reviews will reduce the amount of consumer regrets from inaccurate product representation online.  As the brothers are both gear heads, the list of new gear overviews is continually growing along with updates on older gear still in use and being tested.

While gear reviews are popular and important, the real essence of the outdoors is found only in the skills and knowledge buried beneath the decomposing leaf litter and hidden within the ancient, towering trees.  From knot tutorials to plant identification, to the honing of bushcraft abilities, the database of knowledge and skills is perpetually expanding.

If you're a company interested in having your gear reviewed, feel free to contact us with a description of the gear and all pertinent links.  We will contact you once the email has been received and we have looked over the product.  Please understand, by providing gear to be reviewed by us does not insure a positive review.  All of our reviews are impartial and honest and display only our opinions and thoughts on the gear.  If you make good gear, you'll get a good review.  If you make great gear, you'll get a great review.  Our integrity to our viewers comes first and foremost.  So if you have an awesome piece of kit and want an honest review, please don't hesitate to contact us.