BK16 Drop Point Knife ◦ Kabar & Becker

Krik of Black Owl Outdoors reviews the Becker BK16 Drop point survival knife by Kabar.  Designed by Ethan Becker for Kabar, the BK16 features 1095 coated steel with ergonomic zytel handles.  While both the steel and the handles have benefits, the coating is too coarse and grippy while the handles, although ergonomic and comfortable, are slippery and leave something to be desired.  One place the BK16 does shine is the sheath that comes with it.  Constructed of Cordura Nylon, it is double stitched and feels rugged and reliable.  The sheath also features a belt attachment, as well as Molle attachment capabilities.  Another downside of the knife is the subpar edge it comes with from the factory.  While the knife is by no means blunt, it is dull compared to many other knives at a similar price point.  We want to like the knife, so we'll probably strip the coating, force a patina and redo the edge.. and maybe even some custom micarta handles to round it out.  All in all the BK16 is durable, but for the price, you can find a knife that will perform much better straight out of the box.

Kabar - Becker BK16 | Amazon US