KABAR - Becker BK2 Survival Knife

Krik of Black Owl Outdoors reviews the popular Becker BK2 survival knife from KABAR.  While the BK2 boasts a quarter in thick piece of metal, it's edge, coating and sheath leave much to be desired.  The knife is relatively dull from the factory and the coating is coarse, offering increased friction on the blade.  The sheath actually dulls the knife with each insertion and extraction.  And the Zytel scales feel slippery to the touch.  Yes, the steel is a high quality carbon steel, but the knife itself is not ready for use out of the box.  If KABAR would have branded it a project knife, the inconsistencies could have been overlooked.  If you re-profile the edge, strip the coating, buy a new sheath and some new micarta scales, the BK2 would be an awesome knife.

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