Woodcraft Backpack ◦ Wisport

Krik of Black Owl Outdoors takes a look at the Woodcraft backpack by Polish company Wisport.  We were contacted by Military1st.co.uk and asked if we would be interested in reviewing any of the products they stocked.  Being that they are based in the UK, they are privy to a selection of gear that still hasn't made its way into the North American market.  After looking over their products Krik decided to check out the Woodcraft because of a couple main features.  First, it had external pockets on each side of the ruck that were big enough to carry standard Nalgene size water bottles.  Two, the entire pack was constructed out of brown Cordura fabric sans molle or pals webbing.  While molle does offer a versatility to the pack, it does have the ability to draw unwanted attention and second looks.  Will the Wisport dethrone the Fjallraven Helags as Krik's favorite bushcraft backpack?

Check out the Woodcraft | Military 1st