The Roland Boot ◦ Chacos Footwear

Krik of Black Owl Outdoors takes a look at the Roland Boot from Chacos.  While Chacos may be known for their sandals, The Roland Boot is their take on a light-weight, tactical inspired boot.  Before our trip to Dolly Sods in early June, Krik needed to replace his non-insulated wilderness boots.  The Roland Boot caught his eye because of its flexibility and low weight.  While most boots completely cut your off from the textures and nuances of the forest floor, the Roland Boot is thin and flexible enough to retain some feeling of the ground.  They also come with a wider toe box than most boots allowing a decent splay of your toes.  They are not barefoot boots, but they are minimal in their approach, as they have no waterproof lining and their shank is nylon.  Krik predicts they will hold up well because of their full-grain leather construction, but only time will tell!

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